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Some news!

Hi friends,

There is a new drop with more than new 80 inventory/adoption toys. I’ve also added the squishy buns, you can use these as a stress relief, same as a stress ball. If you’re interested in one, you will receive one in a random color and a random firmness.

Thank you all for your orders, this made it possible to buy a new 3d printer. The expected delivery is in July, hopefully things will go smoothly from there in terms of printing. The old printer had a lot of issues, I’ve upgraded it and solved problems until it was not feasible anymore. So now I’ve invested in a -hopefully-, really good one, and from there on out I will finally release larger sizes and new models, of which I’ve also have a lot of new stuff to release.

Now, in terms of quality of the prints and dildos, this will also go up, when the printer has arrived I will make new prints and molds out of everything so I can give the best quality. I’ve also found a new way to get rid of the 3d printer texture for a smooth finish, first I had to sand off a bunch of details, so in the new molds there will be more details present.

By that time the dark elf, merman, orc and some other models will be available again aswell.

I’ve updated the coloring options, I’ve removed some overlapping colors that looked a lot like certain colors, and added some other colors that are more interesting.

I’ve also disabled some soft firmnesses with some models with the made to order and custom toys, because the soft firmness gave some tearing issues with some models.

I’ve also been working on having all custom dildos with 2/3 colors on here, instead of only 1 color.

And I had to raise the prices of the inventory toys because of inflation, unfortunately. The prices of the new ones now match the custom toys. I will keep the old prices for the old inventory toys.

I think that’s about it, until next time!


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