Taking Care of Your Toys

Toy care

To keep yourself and your toys in optimal condition: clean your toys before and after use. Toys are easy to clean. Our toys are made of platinum cure silicone, a medical-grade body-safe material, which is non-porous, odorless, waterproof, and easy to clean! A cleanse with soap and warm water is enough. You can clean them with toy cleaner (non-silicone). If you want to thoroughly clean them, you can also wash them in the dishwasher, or boil them in a pan.

Lubricants and safety

Never use silicone lubricants. If you want to use lubricants, only use water based lubricants. The same applies for condoms if you are using them with your toys, do not use silicone lubricated condoms. Please don’t use sharp objects, nails or teeth on the toys if you want keep them in good shape.

Do not insert the toy further inside than the given measurements for the “usable length”! Do not insert the full toy inside your body!

Toy storage

Our toys should be stored seperately from other brand toys. Some toys from other brands can contain materials like plastics such as PVS, or gels or vinyls. Degradation, damage and/or liquefying of silicone toys might occur when these materials touch. Different materials are affected in different ways. Please handle your toys accordingly: always clean toys before and after use. always dry thoroughly after cleaning your toys to avoid the growth of bacteria. The safest way of storage is seperate toys is in seperate (cotton) bags, or wrap them in towels. Please do not storage toys in/under movable surfaces like a mattress, the friction can cause damage on your toys. The safest way is to keep them in a crate, box or drawer.

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