Frequently Asked Questions

BBB questions

Are you a “real” shop? Is making a purchase safe?

Yes, BigBadBoner is a real shop. You can also view more at our Etsy store (link) for reviews about the toys and also about the service. I understand this question completely because there are a lot of fake shops nowadays, so I hope this answer makes you feel at ease. But no worries, BigBadBoner is real and I’m doing it next to my main business which has served over thousands of customers – and I hope I can have a big production area with staff someday for BigBadBoner.

When are the inventory drops?

They are at random – I’m currently focussing on the website and Etsy first now and making larger models available. When there is a drop I will notify it on my instagram account (@bigbadbonercom) and I’m also working on a newsletter for the new models and drops.

Who are you?

I’m a gal from the Netherlands, and it’s been my dream to have this business since forever. It’s been taking a lot of time experimenting where I could reach the best results. It was really difficult sometimes, and very proud of what I’ve reached so far. And I’m still learning! My goal is to have a broad range of models and hopefully in the future a production building with friends where we can make everything together.

Good causes?

I have been donating to good causes since 2018. This started with my other business (I also donate in the name of my other main business for obvious reasons lol)). Since 2022, my goal is to donate €1000 each year. This year, Stichting Wildlife and JustDiggit have received donations from me. I’m expanding to the Ocean Cleanup next year and can hopefully donate more each year. We only have one planet!


Custom toys

Orders are added to our production queue if it contains custom toys. Inventory orders are shipped within 3 – 5 working days. Orders with custom toys take +-1 week to ship. Custom toys and inventory toys are always shipped together when an order contains both.

Used materials

Our toys are made from platinum cure silicone, which is bodysafe, non-poreus, non-allergenic, easily cleaned and very durable. The pigments added are safe for body use.


You can cancel your custom order free-of-cost within 24 hours. After 24 hours, a 20% stock/admin fee is withheld from the order price after cancellations. Please note this does not include inventory toys, only for custom made toys. Please fill in the contact form for requestion a cancellation.

Quality inspection

Before placing the inventory toys online, I always do my best to check the toys for flaws. These are mostly small issues such as a scratch or a small air bubble. Sometimes something larger occurs, then I will place more in-depth pictures of the issue. Toys with flaws are labeled as “adoption”, toys without flaws don’t have this indication and are just marked with “inventory”. You will always get a small discount for inventory toys, and a little more for adoptions.


What shipping options are available?

We send packages and letterbox items in the Netherlands with DHL, the packages are delivered to your home. You will receive a tracking code when the package is sent. If you prefer it via PostNL, please indicate this in the ordering notes, however we only ship PostNL packages 1x a week. Shipments are also made to Belgium and Germany with DHL. Tracking is always provided. Picking up orders is not possible, but you can visit us at events.

How long does it take before I receive my package?

Inventory items will be shipped within 3 – 5 working days. It takes about 1-2 days to arrive after we ship it, however this is only a measurement for the Netherlands. This delivery time is excluding Sundays and public holidays. During holidays it may be possible that a package takes a little longer on the way due to busy times at the parcel and postal facilities.

For outside the Netherlands (Europe EU and non EU-countries): shipping can take a few working days to a few weeks.

Outside Europe: delays are still happening because of covid, bad sortments which cause re-routes and other reasons why packages get delayed, most packages arrive within 2 weeks internationally but instances of 6 weeks and more can also happen because of hiccups, such as described above. Please know that if you are based outside Europe, custom checks can sometimes take weeks!

What about discreet shipping?

The label is discreet and cannot be traced back to us. International packages also get “silicone sculpture” on the shipping label.

Age check

By placing an order you are 18+.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our international parcels in Belgium and Germany via DHL, abroad via PostNL. How long it takes for an international package to arrive depends on the destination country and customs. It normally takes a few days to a week in the European Union and one to four weeks in the rest of the world. Due to Corona this may take longer than usual.

If you are shopping from outside the Netherlands, your local regulations apply when it comes to import laws, duty and taxes. It is your own responsibility to know if import of sex toys is permitted and to pay any import/customs fees and taxes. It might also be possible that toys are being held for customs clearance. This can take a while before they are being processed.

We are not responsible for any custom fees, when you place an order you acknowledge this, and are also aware that we are not responsible for orders not arriving in countries that do not accept the import of sex toys.

How are the products packed?

All our products are sent in parcels or letterbox pieces. The products are enclosed with packaging material so that the products can move as little as possible and arrive well cared for without damage. Products are shipped in sealed foil. To protect your privacy, packages are always sent in a discreet brown box, the label does not mention our business. When orders are shipped internationally, the box will be categorized as silicone sculptures at the customs form. Before shipping, we inspect your toys for quality assurance, clean them, and seal them in a bag. You will also receive a care sheet with instructions for cleaning and storage.


Due to the hygienic nature, we cannot accept returned orders of toys of which the bags seal is broken. Please also check the returns page.

When you make a custom toy order, we cannot accept returns due to the toy being custom made for you.

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